debbie irons

Immobilienverwalterin i. R.
gemeinsam mit ihrem Partner Wade Gastgeberin und Agent-on-location der Königinnen in San Diego.

schriftliches INTERVIEW 17-10-2007


Where do you come from?

My parents, of course! Seriously though, I come from San Diego, California. I am a native San Diegan and a second generation Southern Californian. My father was born in San Diego and my mother was born in Long Beach. My ancestry is primarily English and Scottish.

What does the term California mean to you?

California is a very large, diverse state and has several very distinct cultures. “My” California is “Southern California”.

It means casual, laid back, and comfortable. It is about the surf, the sand, the sunsets and great weather all year round.

Is there something that you can call YOUR California experience?

My Life; Ocean Beach

What is your Utopia, your Dystopia?

Utopia: Daily life in Ocean Beach with my husband.
Being in, on, or near the ocean anywhere in the world.
Dystopia: Too many people. People who expect things or take things for granted. People who don’t appreciate the natural beauty of and simple things in life.

How do you move yourself through this space California?

With wonder, intrigue, and adventure – there is always some thing, some place or some one to experience and discover. Oh yeah, you need a car.

How important is performance?

VERY! I think it is very important to always follow through on everything you attempt or promise. I also think it’s important to understand your limitations but not let the fear of failure prevent you from attempting something you want to achieve.

Do you drive?

Yes, very well!

Why do you drive?

Because I have to. Everything is very spread out here and the public transportation is abominable. I would prefer to take public transportation if it were available; it’s less stressful and easier on the environment!

How do you drive?

Fast, because I love the feeling of speed. However, now that I am no longer working, I find myself driving a little slower. I’m not usually in such a hurry and am a little more tolerant of the incompetent drivers.

Where do you drive?

Just about everywhere unless it’s within my local community.

What do you drive?

Toyota Tundra, 4 door, 4x4 or my husband’s 1967 Volkswagen Bug or 1965 Volkswagen Bus.

Do you like driving?

Yes, as long as there aren’t too many people on the road.

When you think of the landscape you live in what do you see?

Blue, green, brown, pink, orange, white. Year-round sunshine clearing the early morning haze. Palm trees swaying in the soft breeze. Beautiful sunsets and green flashes. Waves gently lapping the sand in the summer and crashing against the cliffs in the winter. We are very lucky; we live at the beach!

Land of freedom and unlimited opportunities. Do you know this California?

Yes, it’s my life.

What is your favourite Hollywood movie?

Sorry for the very boring answer but I honestly do not have a favourite. I am particularly fond of movies that evoke raw emotion. However, they run the gamut of genres and it is difficult to name one. It’s like being asked, “what is your favourite country in Europe?” How can you answer that? Each country is unique in its culture, history and people. I find something interesting in all.