mobile palace ist ein tranportmittel zur situativen erzeugung und erweiterung von UNITEDQUEENDOMSLAND.

mobile palace is a situational vehicle to produce and expand UNITEDQUEENDOMSLAND.

project C. united queendoms colonize California

united queendoms colonize California

united queendoms colonize California is a series of 22 episodes (mostly videos) produced during a two-months journey/performative expedition in California in 2007. The production of the series and each episode itself are integral parts of the performance. The story is a collage of inhomogen narrative fragments created through driving (urban) landscapes and encounting people as “agents on location” who’s own stories of mobility and migration carry forward the plot: “Are you on holidays?” – “No we are colonizing California”.

united queendoms don’t come empty-handed. Their bet is their story. The story of Queen Utopia and Queen Dystopia. Utopia, the image of the garden eden transferred to this world. A luscious landscape full of gold and fortune that has to be found. And Dystopia, the dark depths of animal desires and rampant vice. The temptation. The sirens’ chant. Both traditions of teaching plays, that demonstrate the imperfection of our own world/reality by designing either the perfect or the most tainted of all worlds and thus hold up a mirror to society.

Utopia and Dystopia dress up (in quotes) and start out in search of paradise. Just as the rumours of glory show, the promised land lies westward. California! The destination, that – according to the european myth of the golden west and its reproductions in arts and science – represents the incarnated paradise. The destination is no outland to the queens. For many years they have lived secretly and watched TV. They have consumed this multi-variant and fitted (european, male, white, heterosexual) tradition and schooled themselves by media.

The structure of the series is non-linear. united queendoms colonize California is a road movie/reality show/doku soap/foto love story. An intertextual experiment and a trashy transmedial myth-machine. The episodes are collages of loose drafts, images of Utopia and Dystopia and found footage produced along a pre-sketched route and timeline. united queendoms favour low tech, self-timer and the aestetics of clipping and gluing. The pleasure of cheap and glitty.

united queendoms cut the myth into pieces and rearrange . “QUEEN YOURSELF! COLONIZE!” is the call of a totally out of line enterprise of self-empowerment, a queer-feminist cross-over project. A quotes’ overload.

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San Francisco Roof Top Show Las Vegas Pool Side Show The Historic Trail of United Queendoms WE FOR YOU I WE FOR YOU II Kunstschenkung QUEEN YOURSELF! reading performance QUEENZINE 03: meanwhile at the end of the west... QUEENS GO HOLLYWOOD @ Right Here #02 KOENIGINNEN MIT K @ Right Here #02 UNITEDQUEENDOMScyberLAND reading performance QUEENZINE 05: Attack on The Bitch! UQ show The Bitch @ MUSAO10 Kronenbaustelle Eine Sehenswürdigkeit für die paragramminteressierte Touristin @ edition ch

Eine Sehenswürdigkeit für die paragramminteressierte Touristin
in: Günter Vallaster (Hg.): Paragramme. Ein Sammelband
edition ch, Wien 2011
reading performance QUEENZINE 07: Der Berg Ruft! Alpine Terrorcamp @ Wienzeile united queendoms move mountain. ein lichtspiel @ MUSAO11 Der Berg Ruft! @ EKH united queendoms @ Hang´em High das zweite siegel. ein brennender berg fährt ins meer. (ein lichtspiel) @ bewegte sprache the second sign @ fiber #20 release ---stitch by stitch @ Freiheit des Wortes Golden West @ Eyes on Landscapes

Golden West
in: Joe Guimera (ed.): Eyes on Landscapes
Blaze Hill Press, Manhatten Beach
Krone der Schöpfung @ DEMO am Hof 15 minutes of fame @ edition ch

15 minutes of fame
in: Jörg Piringer und Günter Vallaster (Hg.):
A Global Visuage (= raum für notizen 7)

edition ch, Wien 2012
reading performance QUEENZINE 08: GRANDE FINALE! UQ colonize fb UQ TV 15 minutes of fame @ Schaufenster Denis Kunstschenkung 15 MINUTES OF FAME Kronenbaukasten @ Schaufenster Denis Saint and Harlot @ PRIDE UQ show Saint and Harlot sin NO1 @ Grundstein 2013 HOLIDAYS IN PARADISE @ Grundstein 2013

HOLIDAYS IN PARADISE @ Grundstein 2013, Wien
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UQ @ Zine Fair 2013, Kunsthalle Wien die bergin ruft @ räume für notizen, Alte Schmiede 15 minutes of fame @ räume für notizen, wechselstrom Martina Gasser "BLIND ORPHEUS" supported by unitedqueendoms and 39dada @ grundstein 2014 queens move mountain (ein lichtspiel) @ VIDEOTExT 2014 leseperformance Saint and Harlot sin NO1 sin NO2 and sin NO3 @ uq änderungsschneiderei