United Queendoms colonize California.
A performative expedition.

The topic of research is to be found in the traces that the myth of the Golden West has carved into California's (urban) landscapes.



Rule breaking

„Why can’t we just get out of here? Why can’t we just get the hell out of here? Why can’t we just go to California? Why not?” („Kalifornia“, USA 1993)

Golden West. (1) Destination California.
Utopia and Dystopia go West! (2)

Being a colonizing venture project C has to be comprehensive.





When producing crowns it's of uppermost importance to choose materials of highest quality. Extensive resilience tests are strongly recommended.

Wild storms! Hot curves! Bottomless pits! The crown withstands. Perfect stability. Perfect shelter. It is carried by the queen.

Project C is a performative expedition by Queen Utopia and Queen Dystopia to California, the destination that – according to the European myth of the Golden West and its reproduction in arts and science – represents the incarnated paradise.(5) On the assumption that mobility and the control over the means of transportation are indivisibly linked to the history of knowledge and power formations, the Queens rent a car (6) and start fieldwork.
The Queens don't come empty-handed. Their bet is a story. ”Are you on holidays?“ – ”No, we are colonizing California…“ In return they get new stories (7), that again affect their own one.(8) Thus a cyclic process of colonization emerges.


“But hey, girls?
We can take it And if we can't
we're gonna fake it” (Laurie Anderson, Beautiful Red Dress)

On their own behalf Queen Utopia and Queen Dystopia travel on a Route/Timeline calculated from calenders and maps.



When looking for a convenient timeline it's essential to use an extra-sturdy paperboard. Enough space has to be left in order to allow a consequent log keeping and possible corrections. The usage of different colors can be very helpful.

Along this route they pitch up their camps on strategically relevant places. In order to make reproduction work visible, the flag with the queens' sign UQ and the double crown is set up.

For sewing flags proper light is absolutely necessary. Careful planning and patience in realization are essential for the attempt's success. Organically grown material with a certain roughness and grip are especially suitable.
An often made and therefore easily preventable mistake is to forget suspension brackets, which are able to cope with queenly mobility and flexibility.

Measuring the landscape is an important aspect of colonization work. Using complex mathematical formulas the Queens Utopia and Dystopia determine Milestones, that mark the territory by the moment of imaging. These markers have multiple meanings: They serve as inscriptions(9) , for orientation (10) , and as forward projection (11) .

The freedom from censorship is the major premise for a cyclic process of colonization. For the time of their expedition the Queendoms (12) therefore put up their e-space for land surveying, propaganda and serial production (13) . Here everybody can participate – no matter if crowned or not, even though crowns are encouraged. Criticism strengthens the system.

In reversion to the Old World's historical models of colonization Utopia and Dystopia travel to Las Vegas.
Tu felix regina nube.

(1) The central topic of a grand European myth full of men (the adventurer, the missionary, the discoverer, the conquistador, the pioneer, the merchant, the cowboy, the millionaire) which is considered to be of great historic importance.

(2) Imperative of this narration. It has prompted a never-ending movement of people to find their own pursuit of happiness. Just as the rumors of glory show: The promised land lies westwards.

(3) Central construction of the narrative. The image of the Garden of Eden transferred to this world. A luscious landscape full of gold and opulence that has to be found.
Cf: Utopian teaching plays that demonstrate the imperfection of our own world by designing a perfect world – and thus hold up a mirror to society.
QUEEN UTOPIA: Her hair is blond, her dress is pink. The shoes are golden, matching the crown. She never drives by herself and travels incognita. Strength: Her feeling for paradise. Magic spell: „GREEN!“

(4) Central construction of the narrative. The dark depth of animal desires and of rampant vice. The temptation. The Sirens' chant.
Cf: Dystopian teaching plays that – by means of making up the most tainted of all worlds – show the abyss of our own world – and thus hold up a mirror to society.
QUEEN DYSTOPIA: She drives. Has got an ID. When danger threatens she is even able to hide Utopia under her train. Her hair is black. Her lips red. The dress is of fire.

(5) The destination is no outland to the Queens. For many years they have lived secretly and watched TV. They have consumed this multi-variant and fitted (Central European and white) tradition and schooled themselves by media.

(6) full waiver insurance and roadside assistance included

(7) Some of them are preserved as audio documents.

(8) On the road Utopia and Dystopia produce a glossy docusoap. United Queendoms Colonize California Season 1, Episode 1 – 22. Free quality TV.

(9) The colonizing movement of the queenly bodies are inscribed to the landscapes and become traces themselves. They refer to the relationship of mobility („driving“) and idleness („pausing“). In the postcard view the traffic junctions become historic sites.

(10) According to the different local circumstances the queens contact agents on site or get contacted by them. Such meetings are used to communicate or make arrangements.

(11) The postcards have strength of evidence. They are put into circulation as inscribable transparencies. The Show must go on.

(12) Heroines of Labor


thanx to
günther heim translation.